Hand assembly &
Uniquely designed grinding structure.


The TK series is the most representative grinder of our company.

It has a stable and thick appearance and extremely delicate internal structure. All diverse micro parts are made of stainless steel, which feature an extremely durable grinding function.

Different from ordinary commercial grinders that can only grind in one direction, the TK series products can easily grind all spices in two-way directions, clockwise or counterclockwise, which is the biggest highlight of the design of this series of products.

For TK series, there are three different sizes available for choice.

Green energy and environmental protection are not only TU NEXT'S goals, but also missions of this era. TU NEXT researches and develops various green energy products with a careful and rigorous attitude

SP47 powder grinder

SP47 quantitative dispenser with original design of our company.

Just aim at the food/ beverage, you can quantitatively press out the species you need.



The easy, no mess way to dispense your favorite spice, herb or decoration.

Just push the button with your thumb!